Le Chef

Mr. Soriano Joaquin has worked many years in Michelin restaurants. He has experiences in Le Meurice, Alléno Yannick, and Alain Ducasse in Paris, Grand Hôtel - Park 45 in Cannes, and Relais Dessert Pastry Shop "Luc Guillet". He has been interviewed on multiple occasions by the renowned French desserts magazine “Le Journal du Pâtissier”. In 2012, he won the Championnat de France du dessert in the category of macarons.

Ms. Chuang Ju worked for Le Meurice in Paris and Hôtel Belles-Rives Restaurant La Passagère in Antibes.

When Chef Soriano Joaquin creates, he’s often inspired by things in his life. He loves anime, manga, and fairy tales. He often utilizes these themes in the sweets, capturing a child-like joy presented in a manner that is challenging yet delicate and delicious. They are truly a sight to behold.

Soriano Joaquin believes that exquisite presentations are basic, but flavor is the key that will attract crowds to return.

The Chef loves to accept the restrictions and challenges when working with different brands, like using weaving techniques in presentations for the collaboration with Bottega Veneta, or the black cream puffs to represent the muted elegance of Issey Miyake. Every collaboration provides Soriano Joaquin a new channel to surpass himself.