About Us

CJSJ Patisserie was co-founded by Mr. Soriano Joaquin and Ms. Chuang Ju.
CJSJ was founded with the aim of creating beautiful reasons for you to eat French pastries crafted by masters every day.

Our craftsmen base their techniques, knowledge, and professionalism on a foundation of traditional techniques in addition to constantly striving to re-create products and present them in an entirely new light. We remind ourselves constantly to return to our roots, and think back to each pair of eyes at the dessert counter and that primitive thirst for French pastries.


We want French pastries to become one of the happiest and unexpected surprises in people's daily lives. We will be releasing new products every 2 months to provide you with creations that you’ve never seen before. Our professionalism and flavors will be maintained above standards at all times.